Episode 837 - Face Your Habit Of Fear With Corona

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May 26 2020 29 mins  
A lot of you have been sitting in front of the media stations on cable and have heard nothing but content to make you afraid. They are driving this fear havoc into your life where fear has become a habit. Kick the habit. This is a virus, it knows how to infect, and no matter how safe you are it can get you. So you have to live with the fact that if you are practicing good hygiene you are doing something positive, but if you are sitting there like a scared rabbit, afraid to move because you think you are going to get sick, then you will not go on with life. Focus on life, find a way to fight your fears. I have worked in the Philippines, a third world country, where people are afraid of going to the hospital because they are afraid to die, when that hospital is there to keep them alive. But they have been taught to be afraid. If you are afraid find a way to stop the habit of fear, kick the habit, and go on with life.If you have any questions, send me a text to 818.252.5682Become a Patreon of Michael Lodge & the WBT by joining us at www.patreon.com/wbtpod Join today.