Reline LIVE with Don and Andy Sherwin of Channeline

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May 26 2020 49 mins  
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During this Reline LIVE we will be adding a new topic and exploring a sanitary sewer case study as well as a culvert rehab case study.
Large diameter pipes and culverts represent the backbone of any city’s utility network for the collection and disposal of sewage and effective drainage of stormwater. In many cases the fabric of these pipelines, which may consist of brick, stone, concrete or clayware will have been constructed decades ago and although proven resilient, has eventually succumbed to the ravages of time, suffering the effects of H2S attack or erosion and may even be exhibiting signs of imminent failure due to structural loading beyond that of its remaining capability.
At this point, the need arises to consider the means by which the structural rehabilitation of these pipelines and ducts can be achieved whereby a new, 100-year plus life expectancy can be provided with a high degree of confidence. Channeline international has been providing bespoke Structural Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP / FRP) lining sy­stems since the early 1980’s, they have en­gineering and manufa­cturing experience for both Circular and Non-circular buried infrastructure worl­dwide.