Season 2: The George Floyd Spark for the New Social Justice Movement

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Jun 07 2020 43 mins  
Hey Yo Hey Yo GK Nitez! Let get a little deep with some mo’ social justice talk after participating in this new movement for justice after the George Floyd murder by the police. Ya’ll know the esteem quarterback Drew Brees made a controversial statement about “kneeling and the flag.” Are his statements fair or not? We will be talking about whether or not this draws light (as an example) on our society when it comes down to inequality, race relations, and understanding? Also, what’s the difference between Patriotism, Nationalism, and Colonialist thinking- do we have the right to voice our own opinions or should it be controlled? Time for a system overhaul and can we do it together as Americans? Let’s listen and have this discussion. It should be enlightening!