Episode 844 - Starting Your Own Business Because of Covid

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Jun 09 2020 25 mins  
If you like my podcast, become a avid listener by being a patreon of the WBT: www.patreon.com/wbtpod You will have a lot more business information through vlogs, blogs, current business update and information for you.Some of the issues you need to consider when thinking of starging your business, because of Covid job loss, is to remember the following.1. Failure is a part of the process2. Entrepreneurship will consume your life3. You will have doubt and you will doubt yourself at times4. The first few years are especially challenging5. Entrepreneurship can come with a lot of satisfactionIf you remember these five things, and create a journal that records your failures and successors, you can then pass it on to someone else. Surround yourself with a good business advisory team. And love what you do and you will enjoy being consumed. If you have any questions send me a text at 818.252.5682 www.lodge-co.com