EP002: Chris Dixon’s Quest: Carl Jung’s Being and Becoming

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Jun 14 2020 30 mins  
Jungian therapist, Chris Dixon, shares his knowledge about psychoanalyst and personality theorist Carl Jung (1875-1961). Chris is asked the question “Are we always Becoming”? and gives us insight into what two ancient Greek philophers, Heraclitus and Parmenides (500 BC), would say if asked the question, answers enlighted us to the beginning of the concepts of “becoming” and “Being”. Chris discusses Jung’s theories on the ego, unconscious and the collective consciousness. He tells us why Jung rejected Sigmund Freud’s theories. He also shares his own experiences being psychoanalyzed and having his dreams interpreted by a Jungian psychologist. Great way to begin this podcast on our quest to understand more about our “Becoming Process”.

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