EP 003 : Dr. Lisa Martin’s Quest: The effects of Racial Trauma and Intersectionality the process of Becoming

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Jun 14 2020 48 mins  
Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Dr. Lisa Martin, talks about “marginalized identity”, “intersectional identities”, and the, often traumatic experiences of being “pushed to the edges” of society. Dr. Martin explains that minority groups are often defined by others, leading to shame, oppression, and disempowerment. She explains how the power of words, that label and try to define groups of people, are harmful to the person’s sense of self identity.
Using a strength-based approach in therapy, Dr Martin helps her clients find new words and language to describe their own identities. Words that are validating and empowering, and that express the true resiliency of the individual and the marginalized groups that he or she identifies with.
This episode was recorded prior to the murder of George Floyd, whose death shed more light on the effects of Critical Racial Trauma and racism that is real in in the US and globally.


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