0S01E70: Pedaling Around with The CEO of Cycle, Cycle Bar Manhattan Beach (@cyclebarmanhattanbeach)

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May 28 2020 29 mins  
Cycle Bar Manhattan Beach gives a sneak peak on training for the race within oneself. Diego Arias, the general manager, divulges the cleaning and sanitization process to ensure members feel safe and comfortable for the South Bay’s premium cycling experience [hint: it includes a halo not worn by Beyoncé]. With hopes of opening up at the end of summer, Cycle Bar Manhattan Beach will be providing masks, shoes, towels, and water for all members. From those who want to zone out and enjoy the ride, like Christopher Joseph, to those who want to compete with power and focus on performance, like Christopher Michaels—there’s a class for everyone! CODE: CHRISES139 ~ QWTChrises.com ~ Patreon.com/QWTChrises ~ GoFundMe w/ Okizu “No Hair For Care” (gofundme.com/f/no-hair-for-care)