Episode 847 - Americans, We Have Been Scammed

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Jun 15 2020 21 mins  
If you like my podcast, become a patreon subscriber for my podcasts and other business content. www.patreon.com/wbtpodWe have been scammed on Corona, on political racism, by politicians using us to stir up nonsense. We are seeing the government saying one thing on Corona virus to shut us down but yet allowing their political agenda do anything on the streets. Anarchists destroying black businesses in the name of Black Lives Matter. Everyone, black, white, Asian and all the other nationalities in the world, have been scamed and it is up to us to fix it. Government will not fix it, they just make it worse. But our change is a peacefully managed change that starts within our own communities and neighborhoods. We are the change, not the distruction of BLM or ANTIFA or Democratic politicians. Start with our communities and build up. Send me a tect if you have any questions or comments at 818.252.5682