How Did We Get Here? A Moral Mess 6:15:20, 7.04 PM

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Jun 16 2020 17 mins  
I received a Text from my friend Lisa asking, "HOW DID WE GET HERE?" She was speaking about all of the unrest and uncivil treating of one another in our culture. A short time later, my friend Michael text me the same basic question in a different way. Today's Podcast is the answer I provided. In a nutshell, our culture has become "SELFISH" and we are constantly told it's "Right For Your But Not For Me". This is a moral question, as is the poor state of our culture. Wisdom and knowledge begins with a healthy fear of the Lord. Please tune in to today's episode of Reason For Truth, SHARE this, GIVE us Five Stars in iTunes and Please tell your Friends to SUBSCRIBE! ADDITIONAL RESOURCE: A good resource for today's Podcast is my book, "Right For You, But Not For Me-A Response To Moral Relativism".