Episode 848 - Corona and Protests Economic Impact On All Americans

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Jun 16 2020 38 mins  
If you like my podcast become a patreon subscriber at www.patreon.com/wbtpodCan we make it out of these two crises and become economically strong? We have been hit with two economic crises of Corona and the Protesting that continues on. The economic impact affect every single one of us. Those states and cities that have held their economies hostage through lockdowns and now hit hard by protests and riots. These communities are now high risk areas to do business in. Who would ever want to have a business in a high risk zone? Who would insure businesses in a high risk zone? Why would Walmart want to operate a store in a high risk city that has no police? A zone that has no protection for their businesses? They would be fools to operate in these kinds of communities where anything could happen to set off the community into violence and destruction of their business. See my point? We will make it through all this but it will take work by all of us. We will make it by deleting those politicians that push a political agenda instead of what is good for the people of their communities or states. These people have got to go. We have to support each other, join forces, and fight for the right of our survival. If you have any questions, text me at 818.252.5682 www.lodge-co.com