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Jun 22 2020 120 mins  
#AmericaUnderSiege Rick Manning Americans for Limited Government we discuss the Trump Rally in Tulsa, protester interference, Atlanta without Police, Minneapolis without Police, defections in the State Department and the FBI out of control. The NFL and the NBA have surrendered to the anarchists.

#GodsHandOnOurPresident Mary Colbert author of Prayer That Changes Everything discusses the Trump Prophecy and the hand of God on our President. How God is using him to get us through this difficult time. Jesus called out the vipers an the snakes and called a woman a dog.

#ALookInsidetheCrazy Julio Rivera Reactionary Times joins to take a look at CHOP the occupied six blocks in Seattle. Raz Simone has emerged as their leader and was crying that there was no response to the shooting there over the weekend but neglected to say he had handed out AK's to shoot first responders. Also they blocked the police from creating a safety barrier for the EMT's to work in. Sports has lost its collective minds giving over to the rioters and looters only they are using advertisers and TV to loot from us.

#SCOTUShasForgottentheConstitution Jonathan Saenz President of Texas Values joins us to discuss the recent decision to change definitions on Title VII and add gender identity and sexual orientation as protected classes by passing the legislature.