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Jun 25 2020 120 mins  
#WhereDoBlackLivesMatter #ChaosNeverWins Dan Perkins author, speaker, radio and TV host joins us to discuss the news of the day. DO Black Lives Matter to these rioters and anarchists? WHere do they matter? What is their chaos going to get them? BLM NYC leader says we will burn the system down at any cost.

#GOLD www.chosengold.com Dr Tom Barrett discusses the economy and the corona impact and the gold market.

#SomeGoodNews #WhiteandProud Rick Manning Americans for Limited Government as we discuss the uptick in CCP Virus cases and the impact of that. Also the assaults on being white in America. Well it was a white William Wilberforce that abolished slavery in England. It was a white Abraham Lincoln that led the North to fight against slavery.Who is funding the rebellion to overthrow the United States? Why is the Flynn case so important to the Insurrectionist Traitors? Why won't Judge Sullivan do what the Appellate Court says?