Episode 853 - Don't Be Annoying When Going After Work

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Jun 29 2020 20 mins  
If you like my podcast become a pateron member by joining me at www.patreon.com/wbtpodThere is nothing worse to a prospective employer or contract situation where the applicant applies for work and then sends email after email, phone call after phone call , leaving message after message. Once an applicant becomes annoying the get put over in a pile of resume's that then get moved to a file in a cabinet someplace out in the warehouse You see, when we put an ad out on the internet we get hundreds of responses that have to be seen. Some resume's that have nothing to do with the job being offered but they thought they would submit just in case there was something. The long resume's never get read, they are put in a stack to be filed. The ones who are just submitting a resume get put on the same pile. So, we go through the resume's and we are looking for key words associated with the position we are trying to fill. However, we may not have gotten to your resume yet and for you to start calling and emailing on the first day you applied - where do you think your resume might end up? Remember the pile I was talking about earlier. Yep you go to the pile.Have common professional courtesy, do not annoy the potential employer, be patient, and see what happens. But at all times you remain professional and courteous. Questions? Text me at 818.252.5682 www.lodge-co.com