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Jul 01 2020 120 mins  
Pastor Greg Discusses the Antifa threat that was sent regarding July 4th and also the history of Marx and Engels racist beliefs. Woodrow Wilson and Birth of a Nation are also discussed.

Emery McClenton Project 21 Black Leadership discusses the hypocrisy of BLM and how they do nothing about aborted black lives or those killed in Chicago.

David Shestokas discusses the implications of Justice John Roberts and Justice Gorsuch as they are changing the court and changing who they said they were. Analysis of the Bostoak Case and the Louisiana Abortion Clinic case along with the purpose of the SCOTUS and How these Justices are changing that.

George Carneal Jr discusses with Pastor Greg the issue of the advancing LGBTQ agenda and its damaging effects. What the church is not doing and how believer must address the issue for the sake of those bound in it.