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Jul 03 2020 120 mins  
#CHOPwasATest #MarxistCivilWar Don Jans Marxist Expert joins Pastor Greg to discuss what CHOP was How there were three tests Seattle, DC and Alamo. Three different responses. Governor in Washington and Mayors of Seattle and DC committed treason. Hamas helping Antifa therefore both an insurrection and an invasion.

#SCOTUSImmorality (Ret) Chaplain Gordon Chaps Klingenschmitt Pray in Jesus Name discusses the SCOTUS decisions to change the definitions of Title VII to include Sodomites and Transgender also to condone barbaric Abortions.

#PariotMilitiasRising Dr Steve Turley share how there is a form of tribalism happening in America and these tribes are causing a rise in Militias and the Militias are being joined by P{olice. He aruges the two were enemies I believe that was an Obama tact.

#COVIDWisdom Dr Roger Klein joins to discuss how Americans might spend their Fourth of July Weekend and what is real