RSV01E02: Aloha-ing With A Very Rude Insurance Saleswoman From Philadelphia & The D.O.L.

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Jul 08 2020 52 mins  
Ryan’s Summer Vacation continues as Aloha Tuesday Takeover goes straight to Hawaii with Ellen Ruderman and The Doctor of Love. After just receiving a week long Instagram ban for unfollowing too many people (dafuq?!?), Christopher Michaels gives away free swag while desperately trying to make YouTube and IG Live work at the same time. Random guests and longtime listeners of the program join in on the fun as Baby Ellen flaunts her new, wood splitting relationship, and MGIII dishes tried and true courtship advice in the time of Covid. Christopher Joseph’s laugh guest stars throughout as The Doctor of Love sorely misses his luscious blonde co-host’s locks.

- Ellen Ruderman
- Michael Gardinier III

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