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Jul 17 2020 120 mins  
No foreign force has dared to attempt to invade our nation for good reason. Even the communists feared doing that which is why they planned to take over peacefully from within. Well now they turned violent and we the American people will answer!
#Lawlessness #ShuttingChurches Don Jans joins as we discuss the Marxist and socialist agenda to topple America.
#HongKong #CCPDanger Dede Laugesen Executive Director of Save the Persecuted Christians and Dr Sean Linn Microbiologist and survivor of Tiannemann Square 1989 Student massacre in China join us to continue our conversation about Hong kong and China's take over of that Country and the danger CCP poses to the entire world.
#DeceptionInTheChurch George Barna Director at the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University share the findings of recent surveys they have conducted. Many might be surprised to discover how main stream the Don Lemon comment about Jesus not being perfect really is. Also that the church does not see man as created in the image of God but somehow they do see him as good. Also many have asked where is the church in pushing back on closure and on addressing the riots and such. But the church is exactly where again the survey indicates she is. Pandering to the crowd and without any true convictions of her own.