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Jul 19 2020 45 mins  
He’s a bestselling author and journalist who has written for Vanity Fair, the New Yorker and Time Magazine. His 1995 novel, Atlantic, which takes place aboard an oceanliner during a transatlantic crossing, following WW2, was nominated for The Booker Prize, which is given each year to the best original novel, published in the U.K.He also authored Blood Knots, a 2010 memoir about childhood innocence, paternal love, and fishing. It was short-listed for the 2010 BBC Samuel Johnson Prize, as well as the William Hill Prize.Today’s guest trained as a dancer at the Rambert School, and co-authored a book with his daughter called Stars, about teenagers at a performing arts school.In 2014, 15, & 16, he published a series of books that have become the basis for the wildly popular BBC television series – Killing Eve. Please welcome our tour guide for today’s adventure: Luke Jennings…