S02E08: Magical Happenings With The Lazy DIY Parasaurolophus, Adam Beasley

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Jul 30 2020 53 mins  
The Chrises dig up old TaskRabbit work attire to unearth the Parasaurolophus of Lazy DIY, Adam Beasley. The Bailey Chair blueprinter inspires and gives back to the community with The Builder’s Challenge and Maker Media Company. While poor Adam has trouble keeping bits in his router, he does drop tidbits on building evergreen content to connect with brands for ice cream influencers and beyond. Home Depot’s top tool reviewer has The Chrises throw everything and the kitchen sink at him in his newly lit, plastic-free Dexter’s Laboratory.

Special Guest: Adam Beasley, https://lazyguydiy.com/ 🧰

Community Cause of the Week: The Let It Be Foundation, https://www.theletitbefoundation.org/ 🤲

Sponsor of the Day: CAFFÉVO, https://modafoods.com/caffevo/ ☕️

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