PT2-Putting On The WHOLE Armor Of God - 8:4:20, 12.22 PM

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Aug 06 2020 26 mins  
This is Part2 of a Two-Part series on putting on the WHOLE ARMOR of God and not just some of it. In Ephesians 6:10-20 the Apostle Paul says twice in a row to put on the WHOLE Armor and explains to us what that means and why it's essential to do so. Host Steven Garofalo will takes us through those verses and correlate the Armor of God as found in Ephesians 6 and draw further correlations with the popular game "Minecraft" which is built around different levels of armor. Please tune in-tell your friends about us, give us FIVE STARS in iTUNES and SUBSCRIBE! Thank you kindly for tuning in to today's Episode of Reason For Truth.