Episode 872 - The Politics Of Our Personal Finances

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Aug 05 2020 26 mins  
It is getting very close to the time to vote, our duty as Americans. However, we have to be very careful of the individuals we put into office and what their views on taxes and the financial success of Americans are really all about. Higher taxes = less jobs. Higher taxes = less money in Americans pockets, and the list goes on. If the candidate is pushing a political agenda - run. If they are looking at their communities that they will be serving and is talking about what makes good common sense for the people, take them into consideration. A candidate, if he/she gets elected, will be voting on bills that will affect our personal finances and our businesses. Be careful on who you put into office. Our vote matters, our lives matter and our nation matters. If you have any questions or remarks, send me a text to 818.252.5682 www.lodge-co.com