S02E13: The Chrises Escape L.A. & Head to a Canadian Drive-In with Director of "The Cuban", Sergio Navarretta

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Aug 06 2020 37 mins  
The Chrises cross borders to have an uplifting, red carpet skipping experience with Director of The Cuban, Sergio Navarretta. Masked up and ready to go in Newmarket, Sergio, the Uberless driver, talks about escaping Los Angeles just in time to release a movie in the middle of a global pandemic. In a world where people are experiencing isolation, The Cuban is a timely release in over 50+ screens across the U.S. and Canada. The movie captures the connecting power of music and its positive impact on Alzheimer's and dementia patients. Ryan gets his first honk of appreciation as the sound of blaring car horns becomes the new standing ovation across all of North America.

Special Guest: Sergio Navarretta, https://www.sergionavarrettadirector.com/ 🎬
Community Cause of the Week: Alzheimer Society of Ontario, https://alzheimer.ca/en/on 🤲

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