S02E15: TRL Fancy Friday with The Chrises' Favourite "Actor Who Moves", Tony Moore

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Aug 08 2020 55 mins  
The Chrises are joined by the King of Swipes and Host of @DishinDays, Tony Moore, on the final stop of his coronation parade into Instagram Gold Star 10K follower status (before it’s 2000 and late). The Smoothest Criminal, Tony uses his good standing with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to pull off epic Tony Request Live Instagram dance parties every Friday afternoon without having his water and/or power shut off. In The Chrises’ newest gameshow segment, “Tickle Your Pickle”, Ralph’s most loyal supermarket sweeper gets turned on jiving about frosting, angels, wings, and things. After revealing his soft spot for Wendy’s, the run through professional divulges he will happily accept Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers and Frostys in exchange for his TonlyFans hot cakes.

Special Guest: Tony Moore, https://www.instagram.com/lounginwithtony/ 📀
Community Cause of the Week: Alzheimer Society of Ontario, https://alzheimer.ca/en/on 🤲
Sponsor of the Day: Air Hockey Table Top Game 🏒

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