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Aug 11 2020 120 mins  
#STOPSexSlaveTrafficking #StopHumanTrafficking #SpiritualWar Ken Thornberg Freedom Encounters
#NOLGBTQAgendaInTexas Matt Long at the last GOP Texas Convention an attempot to add pro LGBTQ agenda items was made for the GOP Platform.
#UpdateLebanon #Hezbollah David Wurmser National Security Expert discusses the latest on the West Beruit Explosion. Lebanon PM and Cabinet stepped down meaning Lebanon is in chaos.
#HaelthcareReform Matt Bellis Liberty Healthshare will save you money, meet your families needs, get you out of the insurance bureaucratic game, address your issues of conscious, give you healthcare choices that you are in direct control of and introduce you to a faith minded community that cares about you.