26: Heart-Based Coaching & Courses - Bralynn Newby on Spirit-Centered Business

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Jul 07 2020 12 mins  
FREE Master Class to discover the key building blocks to starting your heart-based coaching business...without confusion or feeling like a fraud.

"Create Transformation and Revenue
with the Message on Your Heart"

Introducing my brand new Master Class:
Heart-Based Coaching & Courses: How to create transformation AND revenue from your unique story

In this Master Class You Will Discover
-How you don't have to have it ALL together to start making money
-How to find the gems hidden in the pain of your past to make your mess your message
-How to laser focus on exactly who you serve
-How to infuse your marketing with their language
-How your business model can create transformation in your clients
-How your signature process can enroll clients into your business
-What is needed NOW, versus nice to have when it comes to your technology platform

Click here to join: http://BralynnNewby.com/coachingmasterclass