S02E20: The Chrises Magical Mystery Tour with Surprise Guest, Justin “The Godfather” Wozney

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Aug 15 2020 59 mins  
Magical Mystery Friday brings out all the surprises as The Chrises are joined by the unexpected and much welcomed Lobster King, Justin Wozney. South Bay’s very own Aquaman comes up for air to gab about Disney World turkey legs and beach bum ice cream. A staunch believer in a good thirst quench and chafe relief, the free spirit lets it fly with The Chrises about avoiding oceanic salt water in the loins and chasing waterfalls in Yosemite. After not being nominated for a prestigious QWTChrises Best Guest Emmy (unlike both his Mother and Grandma DeYoung), Justin hits The Chrises with some tough news to swallow—he will be moving to Boston at the end of September. Wanting to continue the shared experience shredding the sweet quarantine life gnar gnar, the original trio replays nothing but the hits, just like 95.5 WPLJ.

Special Guest: Justin Wozney, https://www.instagram.com/thew0z/ 🍗
Community Cause of the Week: I am a voter., https://iamavoter.com/ 🤲
Sponsor of the Day: Hanging Chads, https://www.npwgifts.com/drinking-buddies.html 🍹

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