Episode 876 - The Lie's Of A Non-Moderate Kamala Harris

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Aug 15 2020 35 mins  
It is up to all of us who hold the right to vote to do due diligence on Kamala Harris. The Democrats have called in Hollywood to remake her, from being a far leftest to a moderate. The Problem with Ms. Harris is that Americans have already seen the person, her anti American stance from being an Attorney General in California to a Senator who only voted for far left bills. She has never been for the fairness of law but rather for the political law she wants to promote. I encourage all of you, go to the Congress web site and look at her voting record, it is very easy to do. Look at what she did in the state of California, with Gavin Newsom to destroy a city. Do you due diligence. Do not listen to the news media, they have been given their marching orders on how to show Harris as a moderate. The marching orders has been given to how you should see her and not what she actually is. If you have any questions or comments, send me a text to 818.252.5682