S02E24: Shooting for the Moon with Life Coach Nick Tillia

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Aug 21 2020 44 mins  
The Captain of the Unfair Advantage, Life Coach Nick Tillia, virtually takes The Chrises all aboard his Marina del Rey yacht. On a voyage to leave a ripple effect with his legacy, Nick splashes The Chrises with a wave of knowledge—one can find fulfillment with success by discovering something bigger than oneself and sharing achievements with others. The CEO of Bed Bath and Beyond Bed Sheet Thread Counts talks about turning pains into purpose to create a holistic life coaching approach for clientele including professional athletes, CEO’s, coaches, artists, and creatives. Nick gives a rare sit down riff about identifying negative thoughts or victim beliefs and accepting a life of co-creation with source; thus establishing a better self identity and life in a new realm of high vibrations. The Space Mountain Insider gives tips for all those facing cabin fever, whether it’s in the Walt Disney World NBA bubble or outside. Before setting sail, Nick pumps up The Chrises to design a life with purpose, build momentum for 2021, and shoot for the moon.

🥅 Special Guest: Nick Tillia, https://www.nicktillia.com/

🤲 Community Cause of the Week: The Hidden Opponent, https://thehiddenopponent.com/

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