S02E27: Paint by Chrises with Artist Erik Abel

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Aug 26 2020 53 mins  
The Chrises go full steam ahead and ride the waves with Art Ambassador, Erik Abel. A lifelong surfer, Erik finds inspiration from his happy place—the ocean—and from animals. The Wave Doodler uses painting as a way to escape reality and lucky enough for him, people continue to purchase his prints and originals to bring a little piece of the sea and nature into their homes. When Erik is not busy teaming up with the Community Cause of the Week, Save The Waves Coalition, to design compostable phone cases and other wonderful pieces of art, he’s exploring his artistic freedom with his not-so-secret identity, Abstract Pursuits. Inspired by Erik’s artistic alter ego, Ryan gets feedback on his “pothead”, and The Chrises receive a face painting lesson. The Art Entrepreneur also delves into business ideas with The Chrises including: Bourbon & Bread (a new chic restaurant), abstract toilet paper art, bearded portraits, and paint by numbers. Before Erik leaves to teach his kids about the lost art of sliced bread ball making, he drops the cheat code for all artists.

🌊 Special Guest: Erik Abel, https://abelarts.com/

🤲 Community Cause of the Week: Save The Waves, https://www.savethewaves.org/

🧴 Sponsor of the Day: Live Better Body Mineral Sunscreen by CVS https://www.cvs.com/shop/brand-shop/l/live-better

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