EP010: Gary Teeney’s Becoming Story: Helping Clients “Gain Access to Their Power”

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Aug 26 2020 84 mins  
Owner of Transformational Consulting and author, Gary Teeney, shares with us his career journey, as he evolved from working in advertising and becoming the owner of two radio stations before 30 years old, to 30 years of experience as a business consultant assisting well known clients, such as Disney and Coca-Cola. Gary says he helps clients “gain access to their power”, “illuminate the path toward their goals”, and supports them as they manifest their goals. Gary tells us that his own transformational shift occurred when he stopped being a salesperson and started partnering with his clients. He attributes his success to having mentors that helped him see “the bigger picture”.
Gary was my business coach a few years back. He helped me create a vision for how I wanted to grow my therapy practice, but also started me on the path of writing a book “Conscious Partings – Ending Your Relationship from a Place of Love”, which I am still in the process of writing. Gary and I talked about me doing a podcast one day, so he has played a pivotal role in my own personal ‘becoming’ story.

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