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Sep 01 2020 120 mins  
#PresidentTrumpOffTheRecord Madeleine Westerhout, author of Off the Record: My Dream Job at the White House, How I Lost It, and What I Learned joins Pastor Greg to discuss this book and her time with the President. “Great new book by former Director of Oval Office Operations, Madeleine Westerhout, entitled “Off the Record”. When I look at all of the Fake Books and garbage written about me, it’s really nice to see a very smart and already wise young woman write an honest depiction of what went on at the White House during some extremely interesting and important times. So many good stories by someone who, unlike most other so called writers, was actually there, and a part of the action - of which there was plenty. Go buy this book, a job well done!”
#Triggered Matt Long The Matt Long Show and Pastor Greg discuss what the left is doing to create chaos on our streets.
#SelfDefense #KyleRittenhouse John Crump Director GOA Virginia discusses the shooting and self defense Kyle Rittenhouse was defending the private property of a car dealership when confronted and threatened. He was then chased and further threatened and discharged his weapon in self defense in both instances according to his attorney Lin Wood.
#HealthCareReform Matthew Bellis LibertyHealthshare