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Sep 03 2020 120 mins  
#DangeroustoSupportTrump Dr Cordie Williams is the Founder of 1776 Forever Free, an organization which promotes supporting the Constitution of America and the Freedoms it provides us. Dr. Cordie is also a US Marine, a professional speaker, full-time Father, Husband, and Patriot. During the tyrannical shutdowns in California, Dr. Cordie felt his Constitutional Rights, and the rights of so many other Americans, were being violated.
#HowtoEscapeLiberalFeminism Joy Villa author the new book, Kickass Conservative!: How I Escaped Liberal Feminism to Become a Freedom-Loving Trumplican-and How You Can Too.What sparked Joy's now-famous MAGA dress at the 2017 Grammys Why she's pro-America, pro-life, and pro-woman (but not pro-feminist) How she deals with the haters (and her secrets for shutting them down) How to empower yourself as a conservative in today's "cancel culture"
#Gold #InflationBuster Dr Tom Barrett shares how you can be blessed at www.chosengold.com and how you can take advantage of inflation.
#DConFire #MonumentDestruction Rick Manning Americans for Limited Government discusses the on going riots and protests and demonstrations going on in DC. Another shooting occured and the police are always to blame in the liberal world in spite of broken laws and resisting arrest and other issues. This policy was put into schools where minority students were given a free pass to misbehave and because of their skin color they were not disciplined. This was an Obama policy and has been a factor in the behavior on the street and the violence found there. If children learn they can get away with anything with no consequences thatn that is what they will expect. The Obama policy forced on schools that allowed black students to not have to follow the rules is manifesting itself in our streets and causing their community harm.