EP012: Christina Bellamy’s Quest: Transformation and Growth in the Federal Penitentiary.

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Sep 18 2020 66 mins  
Is it possible to be ‘always becoming’ even in prison? Of course, it is! Christina Bellamy, a retired Licensed Mental Health Counselor, talks to us about her work in Colemen Prison—the largest Federal penitentiary in the country. Since 2001, she has been a volunteer facilitator of the Alternative to Violence Project (AVP), providing hundreds of workshops, and teaching incarcerated prisoners how to be co-facilitators of the program.
An avid composter and gardener, Christina refers to herself as “Composting Christina”, a name that she created when working in the prison. She uses these activities as analogues of the Becoming process, telling us that both involve “transformation, diversity, inclusion, hard work, a natural process that honors what is there…and letting go of the results”.

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