S02E34: The Chrises Go Back to Paint School

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Sep 25 2020 27 mins  
Back at paint school, Christopher Gardinier cuts a perfectly straight line while Christopher Joseph forgets that shoes and paint mix together. Ryan is moving in with his new girlfriend, so The Chrises decide to come out of retirement to paint his new place Infatuation Pink. The once formidable duo review some of the bare necessities when painting and a few of their favorite products: Purdy Paint Tools’s XL Dale Glide and Frog Tape’s green tape top the list. In the midst of a heated debate about the consistency of grapes, The Chrises get their first ever potential spam call live on-air and ask their new friend about his thoughts on cotton candy flavored grapes. Unfortunately, The Chrises’ shortest lived companion is unable to settle the debate due to work concerns—annoying! Undeterred, Christopher Joseph puts in a verbal commitment to join forces with unreliable Intern Ryan and apprentice one day under @IdahoPainter.

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