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Sep 25 2020 60 mins  
#VoterFraudisReal #ElectionIntegrity #RadicalLeft @thejimjams James Hirsen and Pastor Greg discuss the upcoming election and the fraud that occurred in 2018 with 10 races changing from GOP victories on election night to DNC victories weeks later. How the left is pushing for mail in ballots and the drivers license registration scam California pulled.

#FBIBad #SteeleDisgraced #FISAFraud @thestationchief Scott Uehlinger Former CIA Station Chief Retired discusses with Pastor Greg the disgrace that Christopher Wray at the FBI continues to support. John Brennan, James Comey, James Clapper and anyone over a GS15 in Intelligence especially at the FBI is guilty at the least of complying with the activities that were SPYGATE.