S02E35: Fancy Friday From The Jungle Room

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Sep 26 2020 17 mins  
“Ryan was here” is suspiciously graffitied on the wall as The Chrises go live without any technical support from M.I.A. Intern Ryan. The Chrises stay committed to Fancy Friday and ponder the origin story of cotton candy. Even though Chris & Chris look sweet in their ties, one of them gets called out for wearing the exact same dirty clothes as yesterday. Christopher Joseph makes the argument that a tie makes a person automatically smell good, while Christopher Gardinier counters that a necktie in no way makes you odorless. Agreeing to disagree, The Chrises conclude that Behr Marquee paint may be false advertising with their one-coat guarantee, and the new paint canister tops are a struggle-and-a-half to open. Why can’t they just paint it all black?!

👨‍🎨 Special Guests: The Chrises, https://qwtchrises.com/
🤲 Community Cause of the Month: Okizu, http://okizu.org/
🎨 Sponsor of the Day: BEHR Paint, https://www.behr.com/

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