EP6: The Forsaken Righteous (Trailer)

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Sep 26 2020 1 mins  
God has always manifested his love for the Lord Jesus Christ.

He made him so much better than any angels…

and no one angel did he said at any time:

“Thou art my Son…”

He is the brightness of God’s glory and express image of His person;

and appointed heir of all things.

But what prompted a loving Father to allow his only begotten Son to die on the cross?

Did the Almighty God really forsake Jesus Christ in His time of inconceivable agony?

On then next episode of The Unheard Truth from the Bible,

we will understand the truth behind God’s divine masterplan concerning Jesus’ crucifixion.

Tune-in to another awe-inspiring episode called:

“The Forsake Righteous”