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Oct 05 2020 119 mins  
#CCPAttack #BidenHarrisCCP Rick Manning Americans for Limited Government discusses the CCP Virus and how its biological attack has affected us. Also the connection between CCP and Biden and Harris and how Pelosi is blocking the extension of recovery relief while urging Democrats at the State level to stay shut.
#MenMatter Karen Straughman discusses how the feminist movement has effected the family and the importance of the role of the man in the family.
#TruthAboutBLM #StopRaceWars Joel Gilbert Producer of The Trayvon Hoax joins Pastor Greg. How are McDonalds with its Trayvon Martin Campaign and so many others either completely duped or perpetrating a lie? Also is there any update on the Zimmerman suit or your efforts to hold Benjamin Crump and the Florida DA accountable?
#ThreeStepPlan Pete Santilli The Pete Santili Show joins us to discuss his three step plan to stop the rioting and turn America around to win the election for Donald Trump.