EP014: Dr. Karidad Ramis-Hartman’s Quest: Jumping Back on her Becoming Train

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Oct 05 2020 49 mins  
Dr Karidad Ramis-Hartman lost her vision at 38 years old, while working on her Doctorate dissertation but she did not give up. This is an incredible episode that is sure to inspire you. Karidad shares with us her Quest for knowledg, and how she had pushed through many challenges along the way. She has over 20 years in the counseling field, helping chronic mentally ill veterans, as well as teens and families. She educates us on how severe mental illness impacts a person’s Becoming journey. She tells us of the heartbreaking effects mental illness has on the person’s sense of identity, and the loss of Self they experience.

But then Karidad takes us through her own personal Becoming story when she shares her experiences receiving the shocking news that she was losing her vision from a rare disorder—and it was happening while writing her Doctorate dissertation! Her mom, sister, and professor, would not let her quit, reminding her that she had come too far, and worked way too hard, to give up her dream of earning a Doctorate degree. Karidad is so courageous—she led us into her most difficult times when she felt depressed and hopeless. She said there were times when she would fall off, what she called, her “Becoming train”, but added - “I always bought more tickets, so I could jump back on”.

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