S02E43: Green Screening With World Musician, Bisi

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Oct 09 2020 49 mins  
The Chrises are elated by a surprise appearance from Bad Ideas Ghuy for Special Guest, Bisi’s, bachelor party. Chris & Chris are transported to the set of Black Bisi Panther; where he puts his parkour training and most recent Amazon suggested purchase to use. While scaling a building in front of a green screen, the Busy Bee talks about picking up acting because he almost hasn’t accomplished enough in a pandemic year—releasing five total EP’s and scaling his startup, Sound Ch3k. Bisi shares his excitement for live shows coming back with an impromptu performance of “Feels So Good”, and talks about the inspiration for his final two EPs of the year (both dropping on every music platform this Halloween). Bisi teases a possible album next year, “Survivor”, which may have The Chrises on a remix.

🎤 Special Guest: Bisi, https://www.busybisi.com/
🤲 Community Cause of the Week: The Center For Cultural Power, https://www.culturalpower.org/
👀 Sponsor of the Day: Macula Science, https://www.maculascience.com/ #WorldSightDay
👕 Wardrobe: Davey, https://www.d-a-v-e-y.com/

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