Jesus Is The Great "I AM" - 10:9:20, 8.37 PM

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Oct 13 2020 13 mins  
A recent 2020 pole taken by Lifeway says that 30% of Christian Evangelicals surveyed say that Jesus is NOT God. This goes against what Jesus said. In John 8:58, Jesus claimed that before Abraham, that He is the Great "I AM", eternal God Creator and Sustainer of the universe. This UPSET the Jewish leaders to the point that they literally picked up big stones to STONE Jesus! "...but Jesus hid himself, slipping away from the temple grounds". Jesus is clear that He is "I AM". The question remains as to "Who do you think Jesus is?" You can read a basic transcript of this episode at www.RFTblog.Com. If you like this please Give us GIVE STARS in iTUNES, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE!