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Oct 12 2020 120 mins  
#NoRelief #PelosiLies Rick Manning Amenricans for Limited Government discusses the negotiation between President Trump and Nancy Pelosi. What did Pelosi pull off the table that made the President walk away?
#AmyCOneyBarrett David Shestokas confirmation hearings begin today Amy Coney Barrett is before the Senate Judiciary Committee today. What will it look like and how will she be treated? Can the Democrats stop the confirmation? Schumer has announced no quorum. What does that mean?
#RadicalViolentLeftists Julio Rivers discusses the shooting in Denver and the arrests in Portland. Will the left continue to elevate their violent behavior?
#ChristiansMustVoteiblically Dr Steve Turley Christians must vote biblically. Our nation depends on Christians to be engaged and to understand their biblical responsibilities.