S02E52: Keep Cougaring with “The Cougar Guy”, Kyle Burgess

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Oct 22 2020 61 mins  
The Chrises are joined by “The Cougar Guy”, Kyle Burgess. Kyle talks about his experience coming face-to-face with a cougar and her baby cubs in the Utah mountains; all caught live on camera with his Google Pixel 2. Reflecting back on the dangerous situation, Kyle shares what he has learned since the “good little kitty cat” encounter and considers having a conversation with the cougar over a Nutter Butter and beef jerky. Kyle turns his harrowing, bluff charge experience into wildlife advocacy with support and fundraising for the Mountain Lion Foundation and Cougar Conservancy. Naturally deflecting away the attention from his big and scary presence, Kyle ponders how the protective cougar may be doing in therapy right now. Always one to inspire, Kyle encourages everyone to “Keep Cougaring”.

🐯 Special Guest: Kyle Burgess, https://www.iamthecougarguy.com/
👀 See Kyle’s Full Cougar Attack Video Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Pg2CDCm34w
🤲 Community Cause of the Day: Mountain Lion Foundation, https://mountainlion.org/
☕️ Sponsor of the Day: CAFFEVO, https://caffevo.com/

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