Transparency and accountability in air conditioning repair?

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Oct 25 2020 27 mins  
Transparency and accountability in air conditioning repair? Is the topic and touch point for s8. E3. n125. of the Wait What Really OK podcast.
From air conditioning repair to any other kind of repair service, often times the communication is off for both the provider and the customer. With a mutual awareness of the others perception, comes a faster resolve and better transparency.

In accountability for both sides in the initial conversation, better expectations can be set.

On the other side, to not jump to immediate conclusions, and asking for the details to ensure that accountability is in place, can help the customer make a better choice and allow for a better vetting of the right provider.

In my most recent experience, after the air went out and we decided to connect with Henry from Ice Heating and Air in Orlando, Florida, it wasn’t just the price, but the professionalism, communication, accountability and clarity to define what he found, what could be done and what couldn’t. The experience inspired this podcast. And in a normally, incredibly stressful situation, working with Henry and Ice Heating and Air was an experience I rarely have. His attention to detail, style of communication and down to earth way of explaining as well as backing up his explanations created a fast and well-earned trust.

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Transparency and accountability in air conditioning repair?