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Oct 26 2020 120 mins  
#BorderSecurity #BuildTheWall Acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan and Rick Manning ALC discuss the border security policies and tools that CBP are using to have success in keeping our border secure and safe for all. Also what the wall has done to help secure the border.
#TheCoup Eric Caron former Secret Service and author of Switched On Life discusses the FBI failure to investigate the Biden Laptop. The letter from the "former Intelligence" leaders spreading the false rumors about Russian involvement in the laptop. This morning the President said he plans to fire Wray after the election. Does he leave himself exposed with Wray still there?
#BidenUnfit Julio Rivera The Reactionary Times discusses the issue of the fitness of Joe Biden to serve. His Ukraine ties. China CCP ties, even his own Russian ties, lies about Fracking, lies about calling young black Americans predators, forgetful about the race he is running, is it the Senate and who is his opponent George Bush??
#ChristiansMustRiseOrAmericaFails Cheryl Chumley Online Editor Washington Times author Socialists Don't Sleep: Christians Must Rise or America Will Fall, discusses how socialism has been creeping in at stake are the freedoms Americans cherish, unless we act now. The great hope for this nation lies in going back to the founding principles of America - Christian principles.