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Oct 30 2020 120 mins  
#TrumpVsHollywood www.fighting4oneamerica.com Daphne Barak Erbil Gunasti Sam Sorbo Kevin Sorbo discuss how do we end the censorship in Hollywood? How do we lessen the impact of leftwing Hollywood films? How do we find a place in the middle to talk?
#AmericaisGreat Pastor Greg discusses the foundation of America and exposes some persistent disinformation.
#StopMarxism Don Jans discusses how this election is a choice between freedom and Marxism. Between one nation under God or a nation soon to go under.
#TruthAbouttheElection (ret) State Senator from Colorado Ted Harvey President Committee to Defend the President discusses the real numbers and what we can do to get President Donald Trump re elected. Where are the battleground states?