EP017: Lizette Matos-Rosalez’ Becoming Story: She Believed and So she Did

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Nov 11 2020 65 mins  
Federal Aviation Commercial Drone Pilot, Lizette Matos-Rosalez’, talks about “reinventing” herself many times through out her life. Lizette’s Becoming Story is one of resiliency, getting knocked down, but getting back up each time. Lizette realized her dream of becoming a professional dancer in her 20’s. Then built a career and business in the mortgage industry – until, in 2008, she lost everything over night when the housing market crashed. Lizette shares how she would have been homeless if not for the help of her younger brother. She picked herself up again-creating a Event Management company in Las Vegas. Then, again, at no fault of her own, her business was threatened when COVID hit, and a year of scheduled events were completely wiped out. But, remarkably, Lizette had just completed attending Drone Technology School, so she and her husband shifted focus and started a new business, BZB Aerial Media Company.
Lizette’s Becoming Story shows us that no matter how many times you may fall, you can pick yourself up again, and you do not have to keep doing the same things. You can re-invent yourself. You can have many dreams and live many dreams in one lifetime.

You can learn more about Lizette’s companies at www.bzb2020.com
Follow her on Instagram @bzbaerialmedia and @destinationeventpros
You can also find her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/mskakilee
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