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Nov 20 2020 119 mins  
#VenezuelaSwindleElection Don Jans Author Speaker Traveler Expert on Communism and American History Discusses the stealing and corrupting of an election. More Americans voted and now they are left to feel disenfranchised by the revelations of physical cheating and electronic cheating.
#DefendNativeAmericans Scott Shepherd National Center for Public Policy Research helps us celebrate Native American month by sharing that a majority of Native Americans reject big corporations and the sports leagues changing the names of teams. Once again they are left to feel marginalized and forgotten.
#JustheNews Sophie Mann Fast Filer Reporter for Just the News Discusses the latest big stories being covered and gives unique insight.
#ChristiansAbandonedBiblicalValues George Barna Arizona Christian University Cultural Research Center shares how the latest poll results indicate that Christians by and large have rejected the biblical tenets of the faith. He was not surprised by the media's version of the election and to see so many "Christian" leaders write op eds to support a candidate that represents killing live babies , Sodomites, perverting our children in school, encouraging sex slave trafficking and gangs and the cartels and stands with Antifa.