EP018: Christina Bellamy’s Quest: “Could my Hot Flashes be Causing Global Warming?”

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Nov 20 2020 57 mins  
We cannot ignore the fact that developmental stages of life that include physiological changes in our bodies influence our “Becoming”. Retired psychotherapist, Christina Bellamy, talks about the transition that occurs through a woman’s life as she moves through the stages of perimenopause to post-menopause. This is an important part of the Becoming process, as cultural and societal norms can shape how a woman may view herself, impact her emotional and mental well-being, and the health of her relationships. Christina teaches us about how this stage of a woman’s life has been viewed through the years, in society, culturally, and within the medical profession. Christina talks about how couples are affected and how they can cope with, what she describes as, the possible “emotional tsunami”. Christina helps us celebrate this time in women’s lives through her words of humor, support and inspiration.
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