EP019: Chapters in my Becoming Story (Part one of series)

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Nov 25 2020 31 mins  
This is the first of a series of episodes where I share some of the chapters in my own Becoming Story. We move through our life journey in phases or stages. They are the points on our lifeline that mark a transition in to and out of the chapters of our lives. Just like reading a book, we don’t know what is in the next chapter. We don’t know all the characters that may enter or which ones will leave. We don’t know all the events that will occur— the wins and the losses, the successes and let downs, the joy and the heart break. And through it all there are lessons learned, personal growth, and a greater understanding of what our purpose is. For me, there has been certain books that I read during each chapter of my life that has guided me, added to my understanding, and prepared me for what was to come in the next chapter.
In this first episode of the series, I share the chapter of my life that started in my late teens into my twenties. Some of the decisions I made set me in a direction that was not always the best for me, but I found my way back. I talk about the “crisis of faith” that occurred when introduced to the works of various theologians, and philosophers. One of the books that had an influence was “Love and Living”, by Franciscan Monk, Thomas Merton. I share about what I was learning, how I was starting to understand concepts of consciousness, Inner Self, True Self, creative visualization, and what is referred to as “manifestation”.
I share these things in hopes that it may inspire you, give you hope, help you learn and grow on your own Becoming journey.

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